Tuesday, October 24, 2006


My grandchildren are so different from my children, yet very much alike. Their
laughter and smiles blend together into a palette of memories I shall cherish forever.
--from a cheap picture frame I bought someplace

What a day this has been! When my phone rang at 7:15 a.m., I knew it was Brandon to announce that they had a baby boy--a day and half before the C-section scheduled for tomorrow. Ford Wright Winston Hudgeons is, according to his dad, "absolutely perfect." And I'm sure he is. Although I haven't talked to her, Megan is doing well. I would love to go to Austin today, but it will be Friday before I get there--which is okay because they'll all still be in the hospital. Megan and Brandon's first son is Sawyer Wright MacBain Hudgeons--the MacBain being my maiden name. Now this one has the Winston in his name after the beloved uncle who, now gone from us, helped me raise the children, including teaching them to drive and ride horses--and a few things I wish he hadn't taught them! He would be so pleased we'd have to tie him down to the ground.
And then this afternoon's mail brought a wonderful letter from the man who hand carried me through graduate school and whose book TCU Press has just published. He quoted Walt Whitman, "he most honors me who spreads a broader breast than my own," and said that I've made him proud. Made my day.
To the mundane (well, not really): Jordan, Jacob and Christian are coming for supper. Jordan and I will make pesto--the basil really is looking droopy and needs to be harvested, even though there's been no hint of frost. And Christian will get down the Christmas bags, because Thanksgiving--the Alter Christmas--will be upon us soon after I get back from Austin.
Life is really rich, and it's a good time of the year.

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