Friday, February 08, 2019

Little Annoyances

Sometimes life just seems full of little annoyances. Nothing big. Nothing that matters in the long run. But still, things that are annoying. Like yesterday, when my computer wouldn’t turn on. I pushed the button. Several times. Then I pushed it and held it. Nothing. Many folks would shrug and move on to do something else, but I spend a large portion of my day at the computer. On days I’m home all day, it’s my lifeline to the world. It’s where all my work is stored. I made my way around the desk to where it’s plugged in—yes, to a surge protector but nothing is guaranteed. Unplugged it, waited a minute, plugged it back in. Power! I was connected.

An archive sent me three photos I had purchased for the Alamo book. I can’t open them to add to my photo log and write captions.

My dog has allergies. I can hear her when she breathes. Sometimes it sounds the way a child does with a stuffy nose; other times it sounded like air going through a damp sponge. The vet and I treated it by phone, because there’s no way I can get her to the car to bring her in. She’d get better; then she’d get worse; then she’d throw up. I thought of pneumonia. I wrung my hands. I worried a lot. Tonight, she’s much better.

Went to the Wine Haus last night about five with Jordan, Christian, and good friend Nancy. Delightful evening. Lots of laughter. Got in the car this morning to go to the grocery—no sunglasses. They were at the Wine Haus, which is closed until three. Of course, what started out to be a gray day this morning turned sunny and bright. I squinted.

The cold snap we’re having, however, is more than an annoyance. It’s definitely the next step up the scale of problems. My cottage is chilly. I never feel quite warm enough. I now work wearing my gray all-purpose sweater that gets me through the winter, and on days like today I drape my prayer shawl across my knees. And I added an extra blanket to the bed. I still think I may never really feel warm again until the temperature reaches 80 and stays there. None of this 80 one day and in the twenties the next, thank you.

Jordan thought 22o was too cold to shop early in the morning. “I don’t want to get you out in that temperature.” I didn’t remind her that I’ve lived in Chicago and northeastern Missouri—I don’t like cold, but I can handle it. She’s the Texas-born baby. We went about ten o’clock, and the car was so warm I had to turn the heat down a bit.

Now they say there’s the possibility of sleet this evening. I plan to go to dinner with friends, but I don’t think me and my walker will do well on sleet-slick handicapped ramps.

Later this evening: no sleet, and a delightful dinner at Righteous Foods. Salmon tacos, wonderful black beans, and churros for dessert. Good company. Satisfying end to an annoying day. Got my sunglasses back. My editor opened the mystery file of images. All is well in m world.

Happy weekend, everyone.

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