Friday, January 12, 2018

Understanding the weather—an impossibility

We did not get the predicted snow flurries or sleet last night, though I understand they showed up east of us. My son Jamie and his family live at the far northeast corner of the Metroplex in Frisco, and I probably live close to the southwestern corner. It’s amazing the difference in the weather we get—theirs is often more severe, and I think they got some kind of precipitation last night. We have another chance, oh joy!, Monday night when wintry weather is forecast.

A couple of patio plants take temporary refuge in my shower when it freezes, and I noticed today that the hydrangea has a bud. We need to put that plant outside where it’s cold and let it re-orient itself to the season!

We did get the perfect dinner last night for a truly cold night—chili. I asked Jordan if I should defrost either chili, left from Christmas, or the kitchen sink soup I’d made. Instead of choosing either, she said, “Maybe Christian will make chili.” And he did. He’s having fun trying different recipes, whereas I always stick to my tried and true. Sometimes Christian prowls through my book, Texas is Chili Country, but yesterday he searched on the web. Some recipes called for chocolate or cinnamon, both of which sounded good to me, but were not in what he ultimately fixed. Whatever it was, it was delicious, and I’ll have leftovers tonight. But I think Christian is usurping my place as the cook in the family. Sometimes I want to yell, “But I want to cook!” Still, I’m delighted he’s having so much fun doing it. Wish Jacob would show an interest in cooking.

Today a quick grocery trip, a pleasant visit with some of Jordan and Christian’s friends—who are also my friends—and I’m back in the cottage, reading more edits for Murder at the Bus Depot. I’ll probably tell this story too often, but credit for the idea behind that novel Post cover on FB, Guppies, etc goes to my friend Linda Preston of Granbury, Texas where they really do have an old, unsolved murder that took place in a bus depot. Some townspeople wanted to tear the old depot down, but Linda, who’s been active in preserving both Granbury history and buildings, held firm and had the depot moved to her property. I’ll have to ask if it’s still there.

Stay warm and safe.


Unknown said...

Very interesting, Judy. There's an unsolved murder in Fort Worth, too, from long ago but I can't remember the details right now. Did I ever tell you that I have a ghost? Truly. I awake sometimes in the middle of the night and hear music playing but cannot find where it's coming from. Always Big Band. At times, when I take my caregiver out for lunch after she is done cleaning and we come back the pillows on the couch are re-arranged. A while back, my son snapped a picture of the hallway leading to the bedrooms with his cell phone as he wanted a picture of the art work on the walls and there, lo and behold, was a ghost best described as "ectoplasm". He tried another photo but it wasn't there. My house is an old one built back in the 'fifties and I've been wondering if there wasn't some "happening" that has resulted in that. Go ahead and call me crazy but there it is.

Judy Alter said...

Randy, I lived in a 1920s house for years that had ghosts. A psychic friend used to ask, "Judy, who are those men in your living room?" when ostensibly there was no one there. Other friends also spoke of seeing or feeling the presence, but we decided they were "happy hain'ts." I've been in the current house 25 years, but alas it has no haints.