Friday, September 22, 2017

Fun Friday in Funkytown

Jordan and me getting ready for the party
I should have subtitled this “Fun leads to fatigue,” because I was flat out too tired to blog last night after the signing. But for those who couldn’t make it, I’m sorry you missed a good time. For those who joined us, my deep thanks for being part of what turned out to be a really special evening. We sold a fair enough number of books, but that wasn’t the point. What mattered was that people came, lingered, laughed, and appeared to have a riotous good time. Folks who hadn’t known each other before hooked up, friends who hadn’t connected in a long time visited, and newcomers found new friends. The atmosphere was happy and welcoming.

Various writers’ blogs and online discussions often suggest that blogs have passed their usefulness, they don’t promote your career, they don’t sell books, they don’t enlarge your audience Not so! There was at least three people there last night who came to meet me because they follow my blog. Turned out they had things in common, and they ended up visiting with each other. Warms the cockles of my heart.

I’d like to list everyone who came and why they’re special but that’s beyond me. Still, thanks to Randy for whom getting there was a real effort—I’m so glad he went above and beyond to be there. And Elaine, who brought that darling granddaughter I’ve been wanting to meet. And two friends—Sharon and Gretchen—each of whom was just back from long and arduous trips and who should have been resting at home. I’m flattered by all these and more.

A special shout-out to daughter Jordan who engineered the whole thing, did the running around I can’t do these days. She arranged for the place, ordered the food, got the money to make change, made the sales, and kept track of the money. She is a jewel beyond measure and I rely on her every day, but asking her to put together a signing party seems like an unexpected burden. She did it beautifully.
  The Wine Haus was the perfect place for the party--there was an article in the paper recently about how Fort Worth got the Funkytown label (in addition to Cowtown) and this wine bar is the best of everything funky implies. It's odd mismatch of décor and furniture is irresistible and makes everyone comfortable whether wearing stiletto heels or jeans and boots. Y'all come. Thanks to Chadra for a great spread of snacks. 
Food from Chadra

Lots else going on in the world—John McCain’s decisive announcement that he can’t support Graham/Cassidy (yay for an elder statesman!); ongoing rescue efforts in the Caribbean and Mexico—Mother Nature has inflicted so much damage on our hemisphere, you know she’s pissed, and yet the powers that be seem oblivious—the secretary of the interior wants to return some national lands to what he calls their original purpose of mining—huh? North Korea is still rattling its bombs and increasing the war of words (honestly, Trump and Kim-Jo Yun or whoever are like two five-year-olds in a sandbox, except that they hold the lives of millions in their hands. So much to worry about in our world, and sometimes in our own small private worlds, but as Jordan said to me today, we could put it aside last night and simply enjoy ourselves. Praise be to God.
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