Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The dentist, flood news, and good friends

KIds, big and little, are finding some joy in the midst of
closed schools and offices and even flood waters
Not my best day. Two hours at the dentist this morning. No gory details, but one tiny filling that I thought was no big deal took an hour and while not painful was hard on my nerves. Second hour was deep cleaning, and not as bad. As I suspected though, they didn’t get it all done, and I have to go back to have the left side of my mouth cleaned. Should be much easier. As a survivor of dentistry in the ‘40s, when I was young and had lots of cavities and techniques and the drill were pretty old-fashioned, I am a dental phobic. I thought I was pretty calm about hip surgery, but this morning I felt like my heart was going to pound right out of my chest.

Pretty day here, pleasant temperatures, but still humid. When I walked with Teddy, I was breathless. Teddy, always encouraging, said you can’t expect to be at your best after a long dental appointment. It saps your energy.

Not much work done today—again! After the dentist, I needed a nap; then walking. Then Subie and Phil came for happy hour. Sophie was so demanding that we locked her outside; of course, Phil's seeing-eye dog wanted to go too, but both dogs stood at the door, looking pitiful in exile.
Pitiful exiled dogs
When Subie and Phil left; they crossed paths with Mary Dulle who came for the second shift happy hour. She’s been gone much of the summer, so it was good to visit with her. I can’t complain about nobody visiting me in the cottage!

Still watching flood news with one eye. A family Colin and Lisa are close to was finally able to leave their house today and is safe. Various rumors about evacuations in Sugar Land, where Lisa’s parents are. Missed the news tonight, due to extreme sociability, so I’m not sure if it’s raining or not. Last I heard rain was heavy but moving slightly eastward.

It would be easy to sigh and think it’s over, the storm is moving on. But of course that’s foolish thinking. The storm will not be gone for those affected for months, years. I finally decided where to make my first donations—made modest contribution to the food bank here in North Texas, because Fort Worth is going to get a lot of evacuees, and sent a second donation to the animal shelter in Conroe, where my kids got their dog. I figure they were boots on the ground. The news is confusing—some posts list goods that are needed; others say, don’t send goods, send money. I think this weekend we’ll try to get together a care package. Christian’s office is collecting items needed at local shelters.

Sleep tight, stay dry and safe, and pray for those being evacuated, those still stranded, those whose lives have been shattered.

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