Thursday, August 03, 2017

A day of adventures

These days, it doesn’t take much for me to call something an adventure. Carol and I went to Bentley’s on Magnolia today and were absolutely charmed—and well fed. For those who don’t know, Bentley’s has a strange menu—hot dogs and crepes, an unlikely pairing. Several versions of each are offered. I went with my mind firmly fixed on the goat cheese/mushroom/spinach crepe, but when Carol ordered a chili dog, I said, “Oh, that’s sounds so good,” and changed my order. Carol said, “You’re too easy.” It was delicious. But I’m still going back for that crepe. They even have breakfast offerings that sound wonderful.

Kaycee waited on us. She is apparently not the owner, but has some involvement with building and opening the business. She told us she doesn’t really work there. I gathered she’s part of the owner’s family. She was ready to visit and delightful. Bentley’s is sort of bare bones—they rescued a tiny building that might well have been demolished and turned it into a sort-of restaurant. Not much room but a counter with a few stools and a bar with more stools along one wall. But there’s a patio between it and a building where Kaycee’s father-in-law sells jewelry. Hemmed in by those two buildings, the patio is shielded from the sun, and with a big fan, was perfectly comfortable. Part One of a good adventure.

Part Two was a trip to the Dollar Store. A friend is involved with Communities in Schools and sent me a list of supplies needed to fill backpacks for kids who can’t buy their own supplies. So list in hand we went shopping—I truly thought I was beyond shopping for school supplies, but not. Carol had to do most of the work, because with the walker I couldn’t push the cart (I did a bit at the end and discovered I might be able to do that) and the print on the list was blue and small, so Carol had to read it with her glasses on. But we got crayons and markers and erasers and paper and Kleenex and lots of other stuff, and loaded it into a backpack. I also discovered I could get some items on my grocery list. Came home and realized I could have gotten even more. I may start to do some weekly shopping at the Dollar Store—great savings, and great sales.

Tonight, was a culinary adventure. Christian has learned that fish is good for rheumatoid arthritis, which he has, so he’s ready to cook more fish. He grilled salmon, and I made an anchovy/garlic sauce—absolutely delicious. With asparagus and pasta salad. Wonderful meal.

I did not fritter away the day. I spent much of the morning and a bit of the afternoon still reacquainting myself with my novel-in-progress and got quite enthusiastic about it. I feel myself being drawn back into that world. This weekend, or Monday at the latest, I’ll be ready to forge ahead with new copy. Oh, and I found the two thousand words I thought I had lost. Yippee!

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