Sunday, July 09, 2017

There's a fisherman in the family--again!

This is an addendum to my post earlier tonight, because I just got pictures of Jacob's fish, and I have to brag on my grandson. It's a big moment in any fisherman's life when he catches the big one, and for an eleven-year-old to reel in a 30 lb. carp is a moment of triumph. He and his grandfather were fishing at a small lake in Coppell. They fished all week and Jacob caught some respectable-size fish, from bass to catfish. But the carp, at 30 lbs., was a triumph. It caused so much excitement that other fisherman put aside their poles and came to help him, since his line wasn't strong enough. That was one proud boy, and I'm proud to add that he and his grandfather are catch-and-release fishermen. I hope his uncles, who had their own fishing phases, see this.

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