Friday, July 28, 2017

High Jinks at Camp Tomball

Jordan gave her brother an unexpected push
Home after spending a few days at Camp Tomball, a special treat for four of my grandchildren. Colin’s children, eleven-year-old Morgan and ten-year-old Kegan, along with their mom Lisa, put a lot of time and effort into planning everything, from camp activities to menus. There was even a printed sheet with menu for each meal, available drinks, activities, and so on. The kids swam and fished, had a lesson from a TV Ninja warrior, even tried to sleep at outdoors on the trampoline—they gave up and came in about midnight. One night Colin declared we would all come to the dinner table in our underpants, because he'd been caught doing it the night before. So we had underpants dinner, though Ford declined and was even photographer.

The two moms got in quite a bit of pool and sun time and spent lots of time in the kitchen, preparing meals for grateful kids. I sat, as I planned, at my computer and worked, while watching the activity, but I got some outdoor time too, particularly when Colin was grilling and a couple of nights by the lake.

One day Jordan said while the kids were at the Ninja class, we’d look for a nice little coffee shop. The coffee shop at Target was not quite what I envisioned, but it was good to visit with one of Lisa’s fellow teachers and a friend of theirs I knew from previous visits.

We took Sophie with us, and she behaved admirably, voluntarily sleeping in her crate by my bed, welcoming walks that Jordan and the kids took her on. Her only lapse from grace came with Grace, Colin’s German shepherd mix. Obviously, Grace is a lot bigger than Sophie, and I guess Sophie figured a pre-emptive attack was best. She tried to mix it up with Grace, who only wanted to play and was completely puzzled.
Morgan with Sophie
Sophie got lots of love from everyone

           Long day today. Maybe it was Friday, maybe it was the time of day we traveled—mid-day—but traffic was heavy. Took us so long to go through Hearne that Jacob insisted on asking Siri what the population of Hearne was—a whopping 3,000 plus. We made a couple of stops which slowed us down, but we were in no hurry. One was at Czech Stop in West, where I got sandwiches for my supper. That was sort of a nostalgia trip for me. I can’t tell you how many trips to Austin and College Station ended with me bringing home sandwiches from West. Sometimes they’re good, sometimes they’re not (cotton candy white bread), but it’s a custom.

Came home to an infestation of flies—I think they got in when the window was broken. (Thankful that it was repaired when we got here.) Jacob the giant killer got most of the flies for me. He’s ferocious about it, stalking them like a hunter.

Made nice memories this week. Now it feels like summer is over. Three weeks until summer begins.
Wouldn't it be nice if life was one big sleepover?

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