Wednesday, July 26, 2017

A little bit disappointed

Rumor was all over the place on Facebook this morning, and many of my fellow citizens were too quick to damn John McCain for accepting Medicare for expensive treatment for his cancer, which well may be incurable, and then voting to take it away from millions. The episode shows the dangers of believing Facebook, a lesson I’ve learned by bitter experience too often.

Initially, McCain voted to open discussion on the repeal bill, a much-needed move since the majority leader had kept the bill his nasty little secret. If senators had voted then, they would have been doing so blindly, voting on a bill they had not read, had not had time to study (in a way that’s what happened anyway).

McCain next gave an eloquent speech, mostly on what the Senate was in the past and what it had come to be. He blamed both sides and urged senators to reach across the aisle, to remember collegialism and cooperation. And he pledged he would not support the bill as it currently read.

Next there was some legislation yesterday afternoon I’m not clear about, but McCain voted with his party. The bill was defeated, and I gather it was a minor lead-up to today’s vote on the repeal without replacement bill. McCain along with others voted against today’s bill.

So, shame on those who damned him for a hypocrite, mocked his status as a war hero, pointed out his hypocrisy in accepting government health care funds but denying it to others. I don’t think the final verdict is in. Last I read—and I hope it was reliable—was that several Senators McCain among them, had voted no on the repeal bill and it was apparently doomed.

I hope it fails. I hope Mitch McConnell loses all his power. I hope Republicans like John Cornyn learn a bitter lesson and stop trying to ram that legislature through. Forty-seven tries now? Or does that make fifty? (McCain pointed out that the ACA wasn’t popular until Republicans got so desperate about repealing it!). They should learn revenge is a poor motive.

The other bit of news that fired up the internet was Trumpf’s pronouncement about banning transgender troops. Again, I don’t know what transpired this afternoon, but this morning, when people were aflame about it, our tweeting leader had done just that—tweet about it. He had not issued an executive order.

I was grateful for one balanced explanation of what’s going on—and scorn again for the alt-right. Apparently, some senators are upset about using Federal funds to provide medical treatment, including hormonal therapy, for transgenders in the service. They are pressuring Trumpf, threatening his pet programs, if he doesn’t pull transgenders out of the military.

This is America, the land of the free, and what medical care an individual receives is no one else’s business. The men and women these legislators condemn have offered to serve our country and, if need be, die for it. We didn’t ask their sexual preference when they enlisted, and we have no business meddling in it now.

Honestly, one wonders why so many alt-right people, Trumpf and Pence included, are so unhealthily preoccupied with sexuality. You’ve got a country to run, folks. Stop being prurient and get on with governing our country in a sane and sensible manner, if you’re capable of that.

Tonight, the full story isn’t in. Apparently everything now hangs on the CBO report, and there’s a vote on Skinny Repeal yet to come. I’ll watch the New York Times and the Washington Post and take what I read on Facebook with a healthy dose of skepticism.  Meanwhile, I’m a bit disappointed in some of us as Americans. Some days I really do think I’d like to move to Scotland—universal health care and, as far as I know, not all the extremists and greedy people. Maybe I’m fooling myself.

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Victor Wadsworth said...

Senator McCain has had and still has my respect. As others, I might not always agree with him, I do not question his desires for a better America. I wish him full recovery.