Saturday, July 08, 2017

A truism about ambition—or the lack of it

Rumbling thunder again, and Jordan and Christian have gone to Denton for the evening, although I expect them home shortly. I told them, via text, I was going to forbid them to leave town because it seems to trigger these storms. At one point it was raining—only slightly, big separate drops—at the cottage but not the house, only yards away. The heavy rain came soon enough blanketing everything. Patio and back yard under water again. Sophie was intimidated enough by the thunder that I was confident she’d stay inside, so I left the door open to get that good cool air and clean rain smell. And I didn’t pay attention when it stopped—something caught her attention, and she bolted out of the door. I cheated—enticed her back with a treat and then closed the door. Now the sky has that strange pinkish-yellow glow of sunset. No rain. But that's twice within a week. Does the Lord not know that it is July in Texas and it never rains?
You know that feeling that you have all day to get things done, so you fiddle and waste time and get nothing done. That was me today, a wonderfully lazy day. I did a bit of editing and then devoted my attention to a Sara Paretsky V. I. Warshawski novel and spent way too much time. Late this afternoon, after a nap, I got busy—sent the final manuscript of my next novel to the publicist (watch for a big announcement soon) and a sample chapter to the webmaster to post, so you can read in advance of the September publication. Reposted The Color of Fear so that the digital version now includes the first chapter of the next one.
Fixed myself a great dinner, after purging refrigerator and freezer of things that were there too long and/or I wouldn’t do anything with—half a salmon pattie and a frozen vegetable lasagna went into the trash, along with remnants of the squash casserole I’d made and learned a cooking lesson on. So did a small bit of fettucine Alfredo, a takeout that had given me two or three meals—so rich I could only eat a small bit.

Tonight’s dinner? Two beef sliders, sliced yellow squash sautĂ©ed in plenty of butter (actually Smart Balance, much as I hate margarine—I do that in deference to my lactose problems), and cantaloupe. May just allow myself a bit of a Hello, Dolly bar for dessert!

Back to the novel!

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