Saturday, November 19, 2016

Notes from a ho-hum day  

My cheese haul

What started as a ho-hum day was brightened considerably mid-day when my most kind neighbor, Mary Dulle, brought me cheddar (slices, cubes and shredded), Mozarella (shredded), cream cheese, cottage cheese, and bleu cheese dressing—all lactose free. I’m about to discover a new world, and I’m sure it will make my life…and my gut much better. I’ve been grieving for blue cheese, and longing to mix my tuna into some cottage cheese. I will feast the next few days.

Though not tonight on cheese. After last night, my advice to young women is to be sure the man you marry can cook and grill a decent steak. I benefitted last night when Jordan and Christian entertained friends who had helped them move. Christian grilled tenderloin steaks, and mine was surely one of the best I’ve ever eaten. Jordan’s friend Hilary was sure it was underdone and came along when Jordan delivered it—“it’s raw.” Well, it was in the middle but it had a crusty brown outside and was melt-in-your mouth tender What happens when you put good meat in the hands of someone who knows what to do with it. So I, who loves cold meat, will have leftover steak tonight—and cheese tomorrow. Isn’t the world wonderful?

It was so cold in the cottage this morning that I cowered under the covers, even as I yearned to get up and get another blanket. When I finally did rouse myself, Sophie wanted to go out so I threatened her with death and destruction if she didn’t come right back in. She didn’t. I left her outside, which puzzled Jordan. Mid-morning, I let her out again to play with the other dogs; Jordan brought her dogs in, left for the football game, and left Sophie outside.

I couldn’t see her anywhere in the yard—and my desk offers a good view. I called and called and after 15 minutes was about to call the neighbors and put something in the neighborhood email hotline, when she wandered nonchalantly onto the patio. She is grounded for the day, which doesn’t bother her. She’s sleeping in her favorite chair.

I decided a cup of tea would warm my cold bones, but these days you have to unplug the Keurig and plug it back in to convince it there is water in the reservoir. In trying to plug it in with my fumble fingers, I hit the reset button on the switch plate and then couldn’t reset it again. So I forgot about tea and worked at my desk. I realized though I was growing colder by the minute—indeed freezing. I had cut off power to my heat sources. Jay came and fixed it.

Who knows what will happen the rest of the day? Stay tuned.

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