Monday, November 28, 2016

A new view from the cottage

The view from the cottage just keeps getting better. Tonight, Cyclops was running around the yard in the dark—at least that’s what it looked like. Actually Jordan, dressed in black as she usually is, was wearing a miner’s lamp type thing—a headband with a flashlight in it—and stringing Christmas lights, multi-colored on the deck railings, red around my front door. I may live in the brightest house in the neighborhood but few will find all the lights hidden away back  in my corner. Love it!

Otherwise today was one of those days when it was hard to get going. I found myself sitting on the edge of the bed, contemplating standing up, or sitting on the walker thinking about moving to the office chair. Part of that is because my hip is extremely sore today, so I know it will hurt to stand. But part of it is general inertia. Maybe everyone’s entitled to a little inertia now and then.

Also it rained fairly heavily about seven this morning—not an encouraging start to the day and maybe not encouraging for my hip either. Someday when I’m feeling really loved I may go into the latest theories on why I don’t walk and why my hip hurts so much. My kids convinced me this weekend I had it all backward.

And maybe the truth of it is that I am still recovering from a wonderful holiday.

Whine, whine-I’ve also had phone troubles today—the phones in the cottage wouldn’t call in or out, though they had power. I could dial and hear it dialing the number but then it didn’t ring; if someone called in, it would ring but nobody was there. I think Jordan, Christian, and Colin (via phone) have it fixed. It has to do with the medical alarm service, but I’d  rather be out here without that than without phone service. Tells you I’m an old fogey—I still don’t trust cell phones completely.

Okay, this old fogey is calling it a day, looking forward to a better day tomorrow--and count my blessings. How many live adjacent to a daughter who strings Christmas lights for them? Yes, I am blessed..


Randy Eickhoff said...

I don't live adjacent to my daughter but she's only fifteen minutes away and has taken care of me for years. She volunteered to be my Legal Guardian when it became evident that I needed one. She handles ALL my affairs: the Financial Custodian the VA appointed to handle their money (and who pays most of my bills, too), pays those little bills not handled by the F.C., and even arranged a caregiver who does all the housework, takes me to doctor appointments when I can't drive (even over to the VA hospital in Dallas), and runs me around when I need and calls to check up on me when Leone is out of town. Even buys groceries for me when I can't drive. Leone also plants bushes and trees for me when I can't dig. I couldn't get along without her. Indeed, if it wasn't for her, I'm pretty certain the VA would have put me in a home.

Judy Alter said...

I'm with you, Randy. If it weren't for my kids, especially the daughter in my main house, I'd be looking at assisted living sooner rather than later. Especially until I get over the ater-effects of a broken leg.