Monday, August 29, 2016

Pictures…and I promise the last cottage blog

     I'm sure regular readers are tired of my move to the cottage, so this is the last of my reports, and is mostly a visual one.
      When I walked into the newly furnished cottage Sat. night, it was pristine and spare. Clean surfaces, a desk without much on it. Today it looks a lot different—it looks lived in. My desk is messy, though I’ve worked all day to make sense out of the mess. The rest of the cottage looks lived in. As neighbor Jay said last night, “It looks like you’ve lived here forever.”

Bookcase in living area
my desk, messier than usual
This was to be my hideaway, my solitary retreat. I have yet to spend a night alone. I mentioned the three grandchildren the first night. Jacob spent the night last night and seems set to do so again tonight. It’s all good.
Living area

the bar
zoning forbids two kitchens on one property
so we're calling this the bar
I cannot have a stove but I can have
anything that plugs in--hot plate, electric skillet,
toaster oven, Keurig. It'll do.

bar storage area

Pretty high cotton, don't you think?

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