Thursday, August 11, 2016

Nothing to Say

Today was a delightfully ordinary day-no obligations took me out of the house, no home health care people interrupted my day. And I got a lot done at my desk. But such long, good days, don’t make fodder for a blog post. And I have too many such days. I had no inspiration, unless I would blot about the outrageousness of The Donald, but that’s getting old. Or the ongoing blind hatred for Hillary—but that too is getting old and tiresome.

In truth, I have no deep thoughts, no meaningful insights to blog about, so for a while I’m not going to try to blog every night. Just when I have something to say-and even as I write this I realize I could blog about the Book Ladies, so maybe I’ll do that tomorrow. But please don’t expect wisdom every night—that well has plumb run dry. (Watch, now I’ll have a flood of ideas, which is all good.)

If you have questions, ideas, etc. for my blog, please let me know at Meantime, sweet dreams.

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