Friday, August 26, 2016

Before pictures

Tomorrow is moving day, and there’s not much else on my mind, so I thought I’d share some empty-room pictures before we clutter them with furniture.

My closet with Elfa arrangement system

hall, looking from bedroom to living room
bathroom is on the left

Living area, will combine office and sitting area

This will be view from my desk
Patio will be outside French doors
Someday I'll have landscaping


Carina Sebastine said...

I am very lucky in that I actually can look at an empty space and visualise what it will or should look like later. Good that you can start with an empty 'canvas' and luckily you have lovely people to help you.
Re your Courtyard/garden - why dont you - for the time being - just put a small container with nice plants outside those french doors - that would cheer anybody up, especially sitting at your desk and work :) :) Good Luck, Judy and may you be very happy in your new home. Carina

judyalter said...

Carina, I ccan't visualize the end result as well as you can but my daughter are pretty good at it. And large pots will go in as soon as the patio is poured. I'll be posting "after" pictures. Thanks for your suggesstions and good wishes.