Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Big Book Sale

Subie and I waiting for eager buyers
Today was Jordan’s big book sale. I call it that, even though it was my books we were selling, because she conceived the idea, carried it out, planned it, and was hostess. She invited teachers and moms from Jacob’s school to come to a special sale, 3:15-5:15. We forgot that on Wednesdays most kids are in school until 4:00 instead of 3:00 because of UIL.

By 3:00, Jordan had everything ready—small quiches, fruit, cheese, salami, and wine. One mom came with two boys and bought two books. But as the afternoon went by, more moms came—the ones she and I both know—and they bought books, sometimes three or four children’s books, sometimes my newest novel for which we charged full price. We were disappointed that no teachers came, in spite of promises, but still sales amounted to a nice total. And, most important, it was fun. I get lots of hugs from these young mothers and I love it. They drifted around the house, they chatted and gossiped and they browsed books and asked questions about them.

Friend Subie was here to act as treasurer, not that she was that busy. But we had a good chat, sometimes joined by Jordan. Subie had to leave just as more moms were arriving. The last guest left about 9:00—no wonder I was tired.

Tonight my house looks like a book display, with many books on zogs borrowed from the TCU Press. Jordan and I will take them down tomorrow, but she did all the dishes and refrigerated the food before she left. Tomorrow I’ll have quiches for lunch—enough of the small ones will equal a regular serving, and they were so good.

It was a nice end to a day that didn’t start off well. My ankle hurt, my hand hurt, and I was still feeling sorry for myself. I stumbled about the house, fiddled at the computer without accomplishing much, and ate peanut butter for lunch—a sure sign I’m out of ideas and energy. Then an early nap, but by the time Jordan arrived, I was up, with makeup on, and ready to go.

Caroline, Jacob and Hayes, with the old lady
(Sorry I think I closed my eyes)
Two of my favorites of Jacob’s friends were here, and I was lucky enough to get my picture taken with them.

A good day, but oh my, am I ready for bed.

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