Thursday, May 12, 2016

Friendships Old and New

This has been a day that made me realize all over again how blessed I am with friendships. This morning, a friend came by for a quick cup of coffee. She was someone I’d never met before, but we belong to a small Works-in-Progress chapter of the internet organization Story Circle Network. This WIP group is so small that we all become closely involved in each other’s lives—I’ve never been part of such a supportive group before. This morning Debra Winegarten was giving a program at the Fort Worth Women’s Club. For several reasons I couldn’t attend, so she came for coffee and what she called a “Judy sighting.” We had a delightful visit, and I can’t wait to do it again. And now, when I read Debra’s posts, I’ll feel like I know her even better.

Then tonight three old friends came for dinner—I fixed Italian tuna sandwiches: tuna on ciabatta rolls with a homemade really good pesto, tomato and hard-boiled egg. I used the good tuna I order from a cannery in Oregon, and I really think what gives that pesto its zing is the addition of anchovies. You can add them to a lot of dishes and people don’t know they’re eating anchovies (the automatic reflex is to say “I don’t eat them”) but they add a certain depth of taste.

I’ve known all three women for years, but we got to talking about the way we met—different circuitous paths. I met Subie through Women in Communication, a now defunct group, probably in the early ‘80s. We also both belonged to the same PEO chapter (an international philanthropic educational society) and soon became fast friends. I’m not sure how I met Kathie, except that it was undoubtedly through TCU where we both went to graduate school, and she was good friends with the man I then worked for. Kathie introduced me to Carol, who became one of our major authors at TCU Press. Now Kathie and Subie have met because they’re both docents at the Amon Carter Museum—although they’d known each other slightly before. Kathie, Carol, and I have had lunch and dinner together sporadically for years, and we’re delighted to have Subie back in Fort Worth and part of our merry little band.

The day said a lot to me about the nature of friendship and the way we make friends. Part of it I’m sure is being open to meeting new people but another part if that there are just some people with whom you click. It’s a little like falling in love—there’s no explanation for it. It just works.

As with family, I am blessed with friends. Going to sleep happy tonight.

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