Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Food, laundry and other exciting things

 Today my doctor emailed that since my uric acid is well within the range of normal, he’s not going to give me medication for gout. So I celebrated and had marinated tuna for supper—my brother said that didn’t sound very celebratory to him, but it was to me.  I also had the sweetest ear of corn I’ve had in forever. So good. I may have said this before but the list of what you cannot have with gout is astounding, topped by fish. I adore tuna, eat it sometimes twice a day

Company for dinner tomorrow night, and I’ve worried a bit about my back holding out. But I got a start on it tonight by making the pesto and hardboiling the eggs, plus I did dishes from that and my dinner. Back felt okay, though I knew when it was time to sit down. Much encouraged. Also got out dishes for dinner tomorrow, when I emptied the dishwasher, but can’t decide where we’ll eat. Options these days are narrowed—sunroom table is piled with quilts to go to laundromat. If the weather is good we’ll eat on the deck.

Have been doing loads and loads of wash—Jordan brought in everything from the cottage. She folds the sheets, I fold the towels and small things. We apparently have pre-approval from the city for a building permit, need to clear up one or two small items (is a firewall a small item?) and then construction can proceed. Lewis, contractor, says by September he expects to have me in and settled in the cottage. News has all been good lately.

Jacob had Star tests Monday and Tuesday so the rest of the week they play. Today they were to take a pillow and a blanket for a long reading hour. Since he didn’t have his backpack, we went into panic mode about finding a paper sack big enough. At my suggestion, we ended up stuffing pillow and blanket in his suitcase—minus all the other stuff he’d had in it. I watched him trudge off this morning carrying that suitcase and couldn’t help but giggle. He said kids asked all day why he was carrying his suitcase around. I did suggest he roll it, but he said that would look weird—I’m finding it hard these days to understand what is weird in fourth grade terms.                

And that’s it. I’m trying hard to get a handle on which way the political winds are blowing, but I can’t seem to do it. Nor can I get a handle on the weather winds. Think we’re due for storms in the night but not sure—they might move north of us. Just in case, keep an eye and ear out and stay safe.


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