Thursday, May 05, 2016

Pratfalls and Other Mistakes in Life

 No blog last night because, first of all, I was extraordinarily tired. Then, as I walked from my office to the kitchen, I suddenly found myself face down on the living room floor with a bloody nose, sore foot, and no ability to get myself up. I scooted on my derriere to the office phone and called Jordan and Christian, who arrived fairly quickly with Jacob in tow. They got me up and tucked into bed.

I woke at three because Sophie wanted to go out, hobbled to the back door, finally got her back in, and went back to bed, still exhausted. Stumbled into the bedside table and nearly fell again.  But I did sleep soundly until 7:30.

Today I can barely walk—foot is badly bruised—and feel out of sorts, cheerful enough but just not quite at my peak. Jordan came and got me tea, cottage cheese and a banana about eleven. I had slept from 9:30 to then and went back for a two-hour nap in the afternoon.

This morning, Jacob asked how I fell. I told him I had no idea. So he demonstrated various means of falling to me. None of them looked appealing. At noon Jordan and I discussed it, with some mention of wine. Yes, I’d had wine but not enough I don’t think to make me so tired or to cause me to fall. One idea I didn’t like entertaining: another, very slight TIA, which might account for the tiredness, even at dinner with a friend, and for what Jordan described as slightly slurred speech (I wasn’t aware of that). My mother had a series of small strokes that rendered her senile, and it’s always been my greatest fear. But my first TIA was three years ago, and Jacob could be right—I simply tripped and went down so fast I wasn’t aware of how I got there. My doctor advised being sure to take my daily aspirin. I guess it’s a mystery that never will be solved. Meantime I’m grateful that my speech and thinking seem clear today.

I cancelled the world for today and tomorrow and will stay off my feet. Should be a good time to get some work done.

Be careful out there, folks. It’s a big and sometimes dangerous world.

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