Friday, December 11, 2015

Tis the season when things slow down

I know, I know—everyone thinks things get more hectic as the holidays approach, but for me it’s a season when I turn off other concerns and focus on the holiday. I belong to a small writers’ list online where we report every Friday on our writing brags. Today, I didn’t really have any. I’ve spent my week going to physical therapy and wrapping presents—the latter looms as a great project in my mind, but I guess it’s because there are 15 members of my immediate family.

But to me this is the time of year when the rest of life goes on the back burner, and I enjoy the holidays. My house is decorated—thanks to Jordan—and my gifts are almost all purchased, many wrapped. I’m anticipating a Christmas with all the Alters, all sixteen of us including me. I try hard not to forget the Christ in Christmas and to remember he’s the reason for the season. But I think the Lord is happy to see us celebrate with family and friends the new life he brings us each year.

So, friends, slow down, enjoy the season, remember that whatever doesn’t get done is not the end of the world. And 2016 offers us a whole new adventure. My prayer for the new year is that I can learn to move more slowly. After all, my physical therapist points out you have better control if you walk slowly.

And maybe in that advice is go to bed early. G’night. Sweet dreams.

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