Saturday, December 12, 2015

Eating my own words

Had to eat my own words today. Last night I posted about not getting in a flurry about the holidays—sit back, relax, and let the holidays happen. Today I had a whole long day ahead of me—planned to cook a little, wrap some presents, and proofread. And then, about ten or so, the power went off—suddenly, totally, completely. You know of course how helpless that makes you feel. Oncor said it would be restored at noon. Every once in a while it would bleep on momentarily and then go off. Sophie was terrified.

So I set about doing what I could—but even your iPad is out of commission if you don’t have an internet connection. Couldn’t cook because I’d been about to use my hand mixer. Did my physical therapy exercises but couldn’t, obviously, lie on the hot pad—part of my routine. Wrapped a few presents but felt generally trapped.

Jordan arrived, power came back on, and medical alert company called to see if I needed help. Jordan explained about the power which must have triggered the alert when it came on. We started to fix lunch…and the power went out again, but only briefly this time.

Tonight I couldn’t figure out why my Christmas tree and other lights on timers didn’t come on—duh. The timers were behind in time for the intervals without power. All is well now, though Jordan has cautioned me that we expect severe storms tonight and I should sleep with my cell phone next to my bed, along with the flashlight I always keep there. Right now, it’s unseasonably warm and oppressively humid.

Friend and I had dinner at The Tavern tonight, and had a nice visit with the parents of a good friend of Jordan’s—her first boyfriend who is like another son to me. And they, parents of two boys, claim Jordan as a daughter. Those kids are all out tonight celebrating their son’s birthday. Old ties go way back, and that’s nice.

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