Thursday, December 17, 2015

A day of sunshine

Actually it was pretty gray and chilly this morning but the day soon brightened and warmed. But for me it was a sunshine day. It began early with an appointment with a neurologist which unnerved me a bit but not too badly. Jordan went with me to hear what he said. The doctor turned out to be a delightfully pleasant person who told stories to illustrate medical points he was making. He diagnosed—and corrected—a couple of alignment problems no one had even mentioned before, and he said my back problems are fixable. I go back in a couple of weeks for a complete neurological examination and discussion of future plans. I am quite confident in him and feel uplifted by his attitude and assessment of me.

Barely got Jordan back to her office and me home in time for a Christmas lunch with two good friends. It’s an annual outing for us, and I was looking forward to it. We had an extravagantly rich lunch at Fixture—beet fries (roasted beet chunks dusted in corn starch and flash fried—delicious) and truffle mac for the table. My companions had shrimp and grits, which I can’t eat—so I had the scallop of the day: one large scallop on pureed sweet potatoes with maple/bourbon sauce and, I think, a bit of bacon for texture. Quite possibly the best scallop I’ve ever eaten.

Home for a long nap. Heard Jordan and a couple of boys come in right after school, but they were on their way to a b’day party and they left me alone. I had spent the early afternoon cleaning up details on my desk, so when I woke from my long winter’s nap, it was time to dress for supper with another friend. We went to Piola and I ordered lasagna but could barely eat half of it. Still had a good visit with a friend I don’t see often enough.

While I was out to dinner, Amy, my friend/companion/caretaker, came by to drop something off and was worried—lights on, TV in office going, dog barking but no me. She was at a party with a good friend, asked her to call; she left a message and I called as soon as I got home. So nice to know that neighbors are watching out for me.

Home now, wrapping up the day. But it was the kind of day that makes me think how blessed I am. Full of holiday spirit—and feeling like I ate too much!

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