Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Calm and peaceful

Amidst the storm of Donald Trump’s outrageous rhetoric and the political speculations that followed, it’s nice to find a bit of calm. I’m watching a Celtic music program on PBS—I don’t care what anyone says, the bagpipes send a thrill through me. And those sweet female Celtic voices, some accompanied by a dancing violinist, mesmerize me. I tried violin as a small child—didn’t have the ear for it. But I can’t imagine dancing across a stage while playing a violin. It’s the proverbial question about rubbing your stomach and patting your head at the same time—I’m sure I can’t do it. So dancing and playing leaves me spellbound.

I don’t enter drawings on Facebook much, but tonight I entered my name in a drawing for a week for two in Scotland, with three nights on the luxury Royal Scot train. I know which child would go with me.

Physical therapy did a number on me yesterday—sore in the afternoon, uncomfortable in the night. But today I took a deep nap and woke up feeling more pain-free than in a while and also more optimistic. Tonight I did the prescribed exercises, including a still 15 minutes with the hot-pad on my low back. Almost lulled me into sleep right then.

Otherwise, it’s been a day of doing “stuff”—grocery, one Christmas gift bought, some presents wrapped. Yipped at Jacob this morning when I finally got him out of bed and he went right to his iPad instead of getting dressed. Laid down the law: from now on, no iPad until he’s dressed, fed, teeth brushed, backpack all ready to go. Of course then I had a red face—told him there were no waffles (though I sure I had some)—Jordan put them in the freezer door, where I never thought to look.

All in all, the kind of day each of us needs probably more than once in a while. I just let it happen—no “have to get this done,” no pressure, no deadlines. Busy days ahead, so this was a good day. It’s got me thinking about an early bedtime, though I have proofing to do. It will probably wait until tomorrow—or January. I may finally be learning how to retire.


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