Thursday, September 10, 2015

Nine-year-olds, school, and clearing out for remodeling

Today started off brilliantly as I sailed into the ophthalmologist’s office for my 9:30 appointment. Only trouble is the appointment is at 8:40 tomorrow. Subie had dropped me off so I wouldn’t have to drive home with dilated eyes—when I called her she laughed aloud and said the cleaning she went to pick up wasn’t ready either. “I hope this isn’t an omen for the day.” It wasn’t for me, except that I forgot to take my purse off my shoulder before unfastening my seat belt to get out of the car and got thoroughly tangled.

This afternoon I had not four but two nine-year-olds—much easier. They spent their time outside decimating the reptile population. Caught a lizard, a gecko and a small snake. Baird, our guest, apparently knows a lot about nature, so it was a good learning experience for Jacob. Baird has a brother and lives on a street with lots of kids, so he spends his afternoons outdoors compared to Jacob who, unless he brings someone home, has no one around and comes in and does homework and watches TV. So it was a good afternoon. Baird took the snake home, and Jacob kept the gecko and lizard in a plastic bag with grass and stuff, with air holes punched in it. His mom said via phone that no, it was staying at Juju’s which caused me some indignation. But a few minutes ago, Jacob told me he let the creatures go, and I praised him. Baird apparently has terrariums for his finds, and Jacob is welcome to go visit them.

I talked to another mother from Jacob’s class about the flipped classroom. My daughter-in-law, Lisa, explained this to me—she teaches 7th grade math. The kids take home a video which is essentially the lecture the teacher would have given. Then the next day they do the homework resulting from that video, with the teacher right there to explain, correct, and help. Sounds like a wonderful plan to me.

Jacob, my picky eater, had two hot dogs, two helpings of chips, an entire broccoli crown, and a chocolate brownie for supper. I asked if I could check to see if his leg is hollow, and he replied, “At least I ate.” Find the things that kid likes, and he eats a ton. He came home from camp telling me proudly he’d learned to eat hamburgers—but I’ve seen no evidence of it since.

The evening settled down into spelling and reading, and I began work on the bathroom. At least I have a better grasp of what I need to do, but it is work best done in the early morning when my back feels good. I did make a start on the medicine chest and sort of line up what needs to be done in my mind. Not many free mornings to work on it between now and the dismantling. I’m beginning to see the enormity of this whole thing.

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