Thursday, September 03, 2015

Happy Endings

Happy endings

September 3, 2015

My dog story from two days ago so far has a happy ending, though I’m waiting for the final word. My friend Gayla headed to Fort Worth from College Station Wed. afternoon, got about an hour out, and the dog’s owner called to say they’d made the decision to give up the dog in haste and she couldn’t go through with it. So Gayla headed back to CS, but half an hour later, the owner called back and said she’s talked to the vet, the trainer, and her husband, and they all agreed it was the right decision and she would just have to be brave.

So Gayla arrived in Fort Worth and headed over there a little before six, with anxiety in her mind and worry in her heart. One of her parting comments was, “What if I don’t fall in love with him?” She was gone about an hour and came back to report that all was well. She asked lots of questions, they offered lots of information, and she even walked Uno on a leash. At one point the baby was crawling toward the dog’s tail, and Gayla scooped him up. She said both parents were alarmed, and it was clear the dog and baby couldn’t co-exist easily. Everyone would be on alert, and the baby wouldn’t get to crawl and explore as he should. And, yes, Gayla fell in love with Uno.

After she came back, we headed out for a fancy dinner at Clay Pigeon. I had my usual—bone marrow—accompanied by a terrific fig and grilled plum salad. So glad I decided to make fig salad for a guest this weekend. Gayla had grilled duck breast and shared a bit with me—wonderful. After declaring it was enough food for an army, she ate the whole thing. We felt full, happy, and just a bit sophisticated.

This morning she was off before eight to pick up Uno and drive to College Station, full of thoughts about separation anxiety and escape artist dogs and all the rest. I’m sure it will all be fine, but I am anxious for a report tonight. She plans to stay home from work at least through Monday to help Uno adjust—though she insists she may call him Frankie.

Report tonight is that Uno was a good traveler though a bit nervous, likes his new home especially because of all the wildlife--deer, squirrels, and other critters that he can watch through the floor-to-ceiling windows. He may have some adjustment time, probably will, but he's off to a good start. And so is Gayla.

Small world came to hit me today: the husband in the dog family went to school with at least two of my kids--both high school and TCU. And then I was talking to an officer at my bank about the best way to finance my remodeling, and it turns out her family lived just around the corner from us when my children were little, and she graduated high school with my oldest son. There’s no six degrees of separation in Fort Worth. Gayla said to me, “You really do live in a small neighborhood, don’t you?” and I agreed. It’s one of the blessings of my life. Of course, these people wouldn’t have known me if it weren’t for my children.

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