Tuesday, September 29, 2015

More happiness?

Not sure I can measure up to another happy post, though it was a great day. Beautiful weather in North Texas, a day when I mostly had the house to myself—no workmen. I could work, fix myself lunch, nap (except somebody came to measure just when I was about to nap). I got a lot of work done, had a happy day.

Neighbor Jay went to get Jacob for me, and Jacob and I sat outside with dogs for a bit. Then he came in and buried himself in his iPad, in spite of my suggestions that he do his homework. So now, at 8:30, he’s reading and we’ve already done spelling.

My back is much better since my brother worked on it, though I still have to overcome the hesitation. Was all geared up for a trip out of the house tonight—I’ve stayed home too long and needed to get out. But my car wouldn’t start. I’d like to believe it’s the battery which is an easy fix with my roadside service policy. But I fear it’s the starter. I will worry about that tomorrow.

Friend Subie picked Jacob and me up for supper at the Old Neighborhood Grill, which was pleasant and interesting—though Jacob got bored and wandered off to watch the baseball game. The crowning blow of the evening came when he dumped a half a big to-go cup of Sprite on the kitchen floor. I gave him towels to clean it up, but I fear my shoes will stick to the floor when I walk in there.

Nice thing about the evening: Jacob is to read 30 minutes every night. It’s happened more than once: “Juju, I don’t have a book in my backpack.” I gave him a y/a book I did about Audie Murphy, and he seems to be enjoying it, asks me questions, wants to talk about it. Thought just now he had found a typo, but I explained the sentence to him—the reference was to small game, and he thought game should be came (which wouldn’t have made any sense at all). One of life’s treasure moments.

Guess it was a good day after all but the car and spilled Sprite make me suspect there’s still a spot on the moon.

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