Wednesday, April 01, 2015

A pain of a day

Actually it wasn't that bad at all. I've been dealing with moderate to severe back pain for a long time. It particularly bothers me when I cook--and I love to cook and feed people. For some time now I've done what I could in about twenty minutes, then retreated to sit down. After a ten minute break, I go back to the kitchen. Such a routine makes you rethink your cooking, believe me. But my back also hurts when I unload the bottom rack of the dishwasher or make a bed or any number of other household chores. Not a way to grow old gracefully.
So I went to my favorite osteopathic physician (next to my brother, that is) and he recommended a doctor who knows about braces. That doctor seemed much less interested in my pain than in the fact that I sat down, ungracefully, in the driveway a week or so ago. And truth be told I'd been nervous about my walking since and my left hip still hurts. He did tell me to order a brace, which I did--it came embarrassingly far from meeting around my middle, so I ordered a larger size, which arrived today and will do the trick I think. Note to self: wear an apron over the belt when cooking--bacon splatters not needed.
But this new doctor recommended physical therapy, something I never thought I needed between osteopathic treatments and yoga. But I found a clinic that has a program for helping the elderly prevent falls (oh! so hard to classify yourself that way!), so today was my first appointment. Let's just say I went with fear and trembling in my soul. I was afraid I would be fearful of walking from the car to the door--no problem. Handicapped places are literally right next to the front door. Then I was so nervous my handwriting was illegible. I brought the form home to fill out.
I was there almost an hour and a half. The first visit is of course taken up with intake information, but the PT gave me a pictorial rundown of what's going on with my back--long story short, it's stiff. But my legs are strong, I'm in good health, and I don't have vertigo--all good signs for restoring balance and confidence, the PT said.
I'm a convert. The heat treatment was incredibly relaxing and soothing, and so was the soft tissue rubbing. I left with exercises to do--I intend to be faithful about them--and a recommendation for heat 15 minutes a day. Tonight I think my back feels a tad better, and I walked from the parking lot to the garage without grabbing my friend's arm. Pretty much I was okay--certainly better than I have been.
Betty and I went to the Kona Grill tonight--I knew she wanted to go because the Hawaiian menu had lots of shrimp, and indeed she ordered a shrimp and glass noodle dish which she said was delicious. Strange to have meatloaf in a Hawaiian restaurant but that's what I had--with steamed broccoli and mushrooms. It was good, but I stopped eating in time to bring some home for  lunch.

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