Sunday, April 26, 2015

A day far from the madding crowd

Wow! I doubt any of us realize how the world tugs us in this direction and that until we spend a day at home working--which is what I did today. Yes, I skipped church, but I talked to the Lord about it and I'm sure he understood. My only human contact today came when I look out the front window on the way from kitchen to office and saw a strange figure in my front bushes. Turned out to be Susan from next door in ball cap and long-sleeved denim shirt. I threw open the door to yell, "Who is that in my bushes?" Foolish move--Sophie darted out the door. Only she just went next door to say hello to their dogs, Rio and Pearl, and Susan soon corralled her and brought her home. Jay leaned against my porch railing, taking it all in and not at all perturbed. I scolded Sophie, put her in the house, and talked trees and bushes with them for a few minutes.
Started the day as always by going to get the newspaper, reading email and Facebook. I meant to get right to the chili manuscript I was proofing first thing but, as too often happens, Facebook distracted me. I watched clips from President Obama's comments to the White House Correspondents Dinner last night and finally succumbed and watched the whole twenty-two minutes. Whether you love him, like him, are indifferent or intensely dislike him (notice I avoided the word hate--we teach my grandchildren not to use it, and I think it's a good rule for adults), you have to admit he has a great sense of comedic pacing--and he doesn't mind in the least skewering his opponents.
My accomplishments for the day--finished adding many references, etc., to the chili manuscript plus notes to the editor and sent it off; sent off a guest blog; drafted a newsletter. Oh, running the dishwasher and doing a load of laundry--now, dishwasher is not emptied, laundry is not folded. There's always tomorrow.
Rewarded myself with sautéed scallops (I can never get the nice sear on them without turning them tough--these were just right but not brown), a fresh ear of corn, and pea mash--something I've recently discovered to my great joy.
At nine-thirty I'm sitting here with the TV on mute (some awfully bloody program from Biblical times appears to be on), hoping to look up at the right minute to catch the weather radar reports. Tremendous storms to the west and southwest of us. As is often true, anticipation may be worse than reality--but one storm has rotation in it, and we've had some doozies lately. I'm really glad Jacob is home in his own bed--or probably bedded down in his parents closet.
A satisfying day. Hope yours was too, and the world didn't tug you in too many directions.

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