Sunday, March 15, 2015

The birthday coninues

Jordan has a lifelong habit of drawing birthday celebrations out into a week or longer...and she's doing it in spades with here fortieth. This morning, we had family breakfast--I made an overnight casserole of cubed French bread, spinach, bacon, eggs and milk...and served it about eleven, along with a platter of fresh fruit that Melanie cut up. She always does such wonderful fresh fruit plates at her house that I pressed her into service. A hit all around.
But the highlight of the morning was the presentation to Jordan of her birthday present from her siblings--a bicycle. Her next-up brother, a  tri-athlete and therefore bike expert, was delighted to be the designated buyer. And she was thrilled because this is what she wanted. Most but not all of the family posed for a picture with the new bike. I'm prejudiced, but I think they're a really good looking bunch. Oh, and the bike too.
After breakfast, Jordan and her family were off so she could take Jacob to some kind of a kid rapper concert--don't ask, because I don't understand it. Jamie, bless him, finished the assembly of my new sectional, hooking all the parts together and cleaning up the mess left with parts we weren't sure what to do with. With capable help from two nephews, Sawyer and Ford, it still took him about two hours.  Then he set up the old small TV from the back room in my bathroom...and lo and behold, I have regular HD TV service in the bathroom. I really enjoy watching the TODAY show while I put makeup on, so this was a real bonus--something that I didn't know could be done, but he did easily.
All the young people went to a nearby park to play and then on errands--I grabbed the chance for a nap, and something wonderful happened when I woke up--I realized for the first time in a week that I felt good. Such a relief. I'd been worrying all week that I was just malingering, in spite of advice to let myself be as I felt. When I woke up today, I knew the difference.
Megan and family were starving, so without waiting for Jordan we went for dinner at Tommy's Grill. Just as we finished, Jordan called and said they were ready to meet us for dinner. So we arranged to meet but at a restaurant that had a 45-minute wait. As we drove in the parking lot, they were leaving, so we all went back to Tommy's; they ate; we drank more. A hilarious time was had by all.
Sophie felt really left out most of the weekend. The Frisco Alters brought Mozby, a wonderful, gentle chocolate lab, and Bailey, a tiny spoiled nervous Maltese/Yorkie mix. Sophie is fascinated by Bailey but too energetic and spoiled, so she spent most of her time outside with Mozby--a place she definitely does not feel is where she belongs. Tonight when everyone else was gone, she got appropriate loving from her Aunt Megan. Love always wins out.

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