Friday, March 20, 2015

Random thoughts on a rainy day

We are being blessed in North Texas with another rainy day--and more tomorrow. While it may be a downer to a lot of moods, it is a much-needed gift. I worry a lot about California which has one year's water supply left--and Nestle Inc. is still bottling and selling their spring water. Get it together, people! That's so wrong. Anyway I spent as much of today as I could inside alternately reading and watching it rain and thinking random thoughts.
Reading the newspaper, I realized it's brackets time again--and I dimly figured out that had to do with betting on "March Madness"--since I know little to nothing about basketball or brackets that all goes over my head. But I guess I'm in for a month of such things dominating the headlines.
One thing about rainy days--and that bad cold which still lingers just a bit--is that I discovered the blessings of tea--or re-discovered. When green tea became "the" thing to drink, I scoffed. But you know how when you're not feeling well, coffee tastes awful? That's where I was. So I began to drink green tea sweetened with honey--I've never put anything sweet in tea or coffee but somehow this seemed right. And I sat savoring my honey-sweet tea this morning and thinking how good it is.
Texas is about to okay open-carry on state university campuses--a move opposed not only by me but by such knowledgeable people as the chancellor of the University of Texas (who had a shooting scare on his campus a year or so ago...and if you're old enough to remember Charles Whitman, enough said). But all this loud protestation about second amendment rights leaves me puzzled: I don't think any of those people really read the amendment or else they adjust it to fit their circumstances. The Second Amendment calls for a "well regulated militia" which is a far cry from open-carry. It's fine to say the militia concept is outdated, but then, with our armed forces and law enforcement, so is the need for individual firearms. Where are our constitutional scholars? Where, for that matter, is the Supreme Court?
On a lighter matter, Jacob brought home geometry homework today--I should have found it in Tuesday's homework, since it was due today. But because nobody discovered it until last night, the teacher gave him until Monday. I worked as well as I could on the first page with him; the second page had us both stymied. It showed a trapezoid and asked what shapes you could put in it without overlapping? Shoot, I was doing well to remember what a polygon is--or was. Jacob said, "It's okay, Juju. It's been a long time since you went to school." Damn straight, and I didn't understand that stuff then.
I read of a school district lately that is outlawing homework on the grounds that kids should be kids. Jordan tells me the reason I don't remember doing homework with my kids is not that I was a bad mother (be still, my heart) but that they didn't have any. They did it all in school. I'm checking to see if the school that's outlawing it is someplace we could all move. Praise the Lord!
Happy rainy weekend everyone!

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