Sunday, January 18, 2015

Much Ado about Nothing

I've not blogged lately because I have nothing to say. Oh, there's the usual calamitous news all over the world--Charlie Hebdo and Boko Haram. I sometimes fear we live in such complacency that it will never happen to us, that we may be in for a rude surprise. And I continue to watch both Texas and national politics, not particularly encouraged by either. The open-carry movement bothers me, as I wrote before, on many levels, and I'm disheartened that it's our new governor's first cause. Texas lags behind other states in education, health care, insurance--I wish he'd turn his attention to one of those vital problems. Apparently our outgoing governor, as one of his last acts, vetoed a bill that would have investigated no-bid contracts, effectively closing that ethical door. Oh well, he's not free and clear of the law yet and has reportedly spent close to a million dollars in defense--do you suppose that was his money or ours? On the national front, the Republicans came out of the gate with all guns blazing--abortion, social security, tax cuts for the middle class, Keystone Pipeline. Nice guys--but I am encouraged the what seems to be new resolve on President Obama's part. Maybe he's thinking of his legacy.
On the home front, Fort Worth is all excited about Stock Show--which means most of us avoid that part of town, the museums, even favorite restaurants that draw stock-show crowds. For me, the brightest aspect is that all my kids will come home for a stock show weekend--it's become a family tradition. I used to go with them, and we'd do the barns and exposition hall and Midway. I've given it all up--I send them on their way and look forward to dinner with them. We usually go to Joe T.'s whenever one or more are gathered in town, but at Jordan's suggestion we'll vary our routine and go to the Star Café. A long, really long thread on Facebook today on the best chicken-fried steak since Massey's is dust--the Star was mentioned several times. Our good friends Betty and Don Boles own it, and we're pretty loyal, think the food is terrific.
On my own little home front, all goes peacefully along. I am writing a thousand words a day and feeling good about it. Plus cleaning closets and started tonight on the disgraceful bookcase in my office--it truly has been a mess beyond belief. One small supply cabinet and three shelves and I was done for the evening.
We had hoped for a day at the ranch today with my niece, nephew and families plus Cindy's family, but Cindy came down with a bad case of flu. Went to church, wrote my thousand words and napped. Now Jacob is here for the night while his parents are at the rodeo--window seats in the Backstage Club no less. I am most impressed--Backstage Club never impressed me because I always sat in a crowded back room where you couldn't see anything. But my rodeo days are over--sort of a been there, done that feeling. Oh, Lord, I hope that's not old age creeping up on me.
Hope you all are having more exciting lives! 'Scuse me, I got to go to bed now.

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