Thursday, January 01, 2015

2015 is here

We saw the new year in properly tonight with ham and black-eyed peas--including a black-eyed pea salad that Jordan made. Plus stuffed mushrooms for appetizer (my contribution) and cheesecake for dessert. Jordan set a formal table with chargers and her Spode Christmas china, newly given to her by Christian's mother, on red chargers (should have taken a picture). Made us all feel like grown-ups. The evening was a bit marred by Jacob's good buddy who got sick, but they cleaned up, put him in the tub, and his mom came to get him. As those of us with children know all too well such things happen and you just move on. Not an omen for the new year.
It's been a lovely holiday season, and I got to thinking today that new traditions are born all the time. I think we might have started two this year. The first was our "brinner"--breakfast for dinner. We're all so enthusiastic that we're talking about next year's. Christian found a cheese-heavy egg casserole that he promises to make. To my amusement, it has cottage cheese in it. Didn't seem to faze Christian. My mom always scrambled eggs with cottage cheese, but only Colin and I will eat them. My other children scorn the idea.
The second is the "bring your own steak" dinner Jordan and Christian hosted last night. It was for their friends, and I was strictly an interloper, but I sure did think it was a nice idea. I brought myself an 8 oz. sirloin--something I could not afford to serve to guests and yet would not have bought to eat by myself. Jordan (and Christian) worked hard, serving six meals over two days (several of their New Year's Eve guests spent the night), including chili for lunch yesterday (during that great TCU game), a sumptuous breakfast this morning, and who know what during the disappointing Baylor game. But I give her credit--she planned simple meals well. Last night, people brought appetizers, and she served their steaks and homemade potato salad plus sopapilla cheesecake a guest brought. Tonight we had ham, black-eyed peas, salad, and cheesecake.
When other guests tonight asked why she went to so much trouble, she said, "I like to entertain." Hmmm. Wonder where she learned that?
I do feel 2015 is off to a good start. Hope yours is too.

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