Friday, January 09, 2015

A rewarding day

I spoke to the Friday Fellowship at my church today--never mind the fact that I had it on my calendar for Thursday until a friend pointed out the flaw in my logic. The fellowship is a group of older adults who meet weekly for a program and pot-luck lunch. I think I'll keep going back just for the lunch--it was so good. I munched on several kinds of homemade salads and veggie dishes.
These days I rarely speak to groups and when I do, I don't do all the preparation I did twenty years ago, writing out talks in their entirety. I had a really rough outline today--I guess I've done it often enough that the adlibbing part comes naturally to me. To meet me, you'd never think I was a comedian--and I'm really not--but I find a lot of wry humor in some of the ups and downs of my writing career. So that's what I talked about--how I got from believing I could never write fiction to having over twenty novels to my credit. There was a good-sized group, several of whom were familiar with my work, which made it nice. They commented, they asked lots of questions, they contributed favorite books to the discussion. It was great fun.
At the lunch table, one of the women, a longtime friend, said something to the effect that it was a good situation for all of us. They had an enjoyable program, and I got positive feedback. Besides, I sold seven books.
Sure brightened a dull, cold day.


Joan said...

Judy, I wanted to attend (the Bloodworths invited us) but I volunteer at the Mobille Food Pantry at our church each second Friday of the month and knew they would need me. I wish I could have heard your talk. Perhaps another time.

judyalter said...

Thanks, Joan. Indeed, another time.