Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spring break

PhotoThe Houston Alters ski Santa Fe

Jordan and Christian at Ruidoso
Spring break means different things at different phases of your life, I’ve found out.This year, for me, it means that none of my family are safely where they belong, a thought that sort of disquiets me. Colin and his family, above, are skiing in Santa Fe--not sure how they had the nerve to go to Santa Fe and leave me behind, but they did. Megan and her family are in Beaver Creek, Colorado, and Jamie and his family have gone to Seattle so Maddie can see the University of Washington (if you want to be cool, say U-Dub). and Jordan, Christian and Jacob have gone skiing in Ruidoso. The latter is a bit funny--Jordan does not ski, end of discussion; Jacob tried one day at Christmas and wasn't particularly enthralled, but maybe he'll do better this year. Christian loves to ski.
I worried about a long, empty week where work and no play would make Judy a dull girl, I filled my dance card too full and am having a really busy week. Yesterday I had lunch out and friends in for leftovers from Sunday night supper. Tonight I have had breakfast, lunch, and dinner out and am worrying about when I'll ever get my 1,000 words for the day written. Tomorrow I have a breakfast date but an otherwise empty calendar--except I think I should really run to the grocery store. And Thursday evening Colin and his family will stop overnight, bringing with them the friends they're traveling with, so I'l have a full house and a full guest house. Friday morning, we'll all go to Colin's favorite restaurant, Carshon's Deli, for breakfast. Then they'll be gone, Jordan will come by in the late afternoon, and Saturday I will cook for 16 people for Jordan's b'day.
Meantime, Sophie and I know how to relax. I'm sleeping later in the mornings--no Jacob to hug on his way to school in the mornings--and I'm getting nice, late, long naps in the afternoon--no Jacob to pick up and do homework with. Here' Sophie relaxing. I suspect she'd rather have Jacob and the activity he brings. She'll welcome Morgan and Kegan Thursday night.

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