Thursday, March 13, 2014

Spring break rolls on

Today, although it started out cold, I really do believe spring is on its way. Greg, the wonderful neighbor who keeps my yard in shape, came to begin the spring cleanup and move indoor plants outside. I swear I will scream if it freezes again. It will take a while before the yard and porch and deck look like I want them to, but we're on the way, and we have great plans. I saw somewhere the idea of buying potty soil, slitting the bag lengthwise, and pushing seeds down into it, so you can grow rows of lettuce, spinach, whatever. Perfect, because I have an old glass-topped table I can put the bags on so a) I won't have to bend over to get to them, and b) Sophie, who is a great plant killer, can't destroy them. Last year she killed three roses--not knock-out but like them--that Greg planted. She literally trampled them to death.
Pleasant evening tonight waiting for Colin, my oldest, and his family to arrive on the way home from Santa Fe. They are bringing another family I've never met, and I had every good intention of cleaning house. It went by the way when I remembered I had a speaking engagement this morning, but I have sort of straightened. Because I'm anticipating their arrival--and a phone message that Jordan is home--I don't really want to settle down to work, so I'm going through the food magazines on my desk and clipping recipes I want. Always makes me happy. Anyone for salmon with smashed peas?
Meanwhile I haven't heard from the Austin branch who are skiing at Beaver Creek but I am getting wonderful pictures from the Frisco Alters who are in Seattle. Makes me want to jump on a plane and join them.
They report that the farmers market is one of their favorite places so far, and I can see why. It's enough to draw anyone from dry Texas to the lush Northwest.
But they also enjoyed a ferry trip to Bainbridge, wherever that is. I understood the joy on Maddie's face--I, who am firmly against a cruise, love to ride a ferry.

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