Monday, March 24, 2014


Not my best day. I spent it trying to straighten out various technological aspects of my daily life. First of all, my U-Verse bill shot up. I solved it by "chatting" online with someone from AT&T--it took forever, but we finally did find that the promotion I signed up with had expired. Got some new promotion, and the result is a bill only minimally higher than it used to be. But I am not patient during those long pauses while the chatty person looks up my record, etc.
Next problem was that my cell phone had developed an annoying habit of telling me I had the wrong voicemail password. It would announce this at odd times, mostly in the midst of a phone call which was blocked while I hit cancel. Two seconds later, same message would appear. I spent quite a while with an Apple chatter, only to find out Id have to go back to AT&T. Did that and Josh, nice as he was, gave me one little bit of wrong information which led us both on a wild goose chase. He concluded I probably had to go to the Apple store. When I signed off--it was dinner time and I was hungry--I happened to find the link he was talking about--not where he said it was--and fixed the problem.I do have to say everyone I chatted with was most helpful and polite.
The sum total of my accomplishments for the day is problems with U-Verse and AT&T solved, newsletter proofed, yoga done, and 1,000 words written on my work in progress. Makes me feel a lot better to look at the day that way rather than as a waste spent chatting with Apple and AT&T.

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