Saturday, March 08, 2014

Solitude #2

It's spring break, and my local kids have gone skiing--well, that's a generalization. Jordan won't ski, Jacob will probably ski once. But they're gone. I'm used to having them in and out of the house, so their absence leaves a hole in my life. But I've been diligent about filling my dance card and have lots of things on the calendar for next week--lunches, dinners, haircut, two breakfast dates. I won't be lonely or bored but I may be fat.
Besides, I'm back into writing that novel--1800 words today. A respectable accomplishment. Five hundred of them came because during the night I rewrote a passage I wasn't happy with. Went back and redid it today, making it better...and longer, which always pleases me. In two days I've gone from 4500 words to 7800--and here I thought I already had 10,000!
Pleasant surprise today--a ten-minute visit from Colin, my oldest, and his family. They were driving from Houston to Santa Fe (with a stop in Amarillo tonight) and needed a potty break. But how thankful am I they decided to come here instead of a gas station bathroom. I got grandkid hugs and big kids hugs. Morgan made me a little dog face and cautioned me seriously not to let Sophie chew on it. They'll be back next Thursday to spend the night, along with the family they're traveling with.
Tonight, as I often do when home alone on a Saturday night, I made myself a special dinner--halibut Florentine, which means filet of halibut topped with creamed spinach and then with a Panko/Parmesan/lemon coating. Since the recipe was for two, I went ahead and made both--probably wouldn't have done that if I'd realized how expensive halibut is. The spinach and crumb topping were wonderful; the fish, alas, a bit bland. Needed more lemon or salt or pepper. Now I don't know how to add it with dislodging the toppings.
Reading a book assigned for review. It's a nail-biter thriller, with a background of a search and rescue mission in the California mountains during a blizzard. Not exactly my cup of tea, and I find myself alternately captivated by a couple of the characters, repelled by the serial killer stalking them, and anxious to turn pages and get through it. Maybe I can finish tonight.
Sweet dreams, everyone.

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