Saturday, February 01, 2014

What a wonderful day!

Tonight I'm wrapped in the cozy comfort of a wonderful family and a great day. This morning I signed books at the Old Neighborhood Grill from 7-9 a.m. While sales were not brisk, they were steady, and I was particularly pleased by the people who bought several books. One woman said, "I love your books. I'll buy the new one after we eat." Within minutes, she was back to buy it while they waited for their food. Another pair, recently moved to the neighborhood where the books are set, had read the first in the Kelly O'Connell series and bought the next three--plus a Blue Plate Mystery that my daughter handed me and I signed before we realized it was not the book they wanted. They were charmingly cavalier about it.
Jordan, Colin, and I opened shop at 7 a.m.--good golly, I got up at 5:45! But the rest of the family gradually wandered in, and the young children were remarkably well behaved. Thanks to Uncle Colin who kept them amused. My children contributed to greatly to this signing--Jordan had it organized down to the last detail--sign-up sheet, poster, price list, etc. and she was the cashier; Colin lifted and hauled and did whatever was necessary; Lisa, Colin's wife, arrived with checks for $165 for books she'd sold in advance in Houston--I signed them all this afternoon. All the children--Colin and Lisa, Megan and Brandon, Jamie and Melanie (who were absent due to a bout with the flu), and Jordan and Christian bought a beautiful bouquet for the signing table, and I surely felt like a queen.
If you missed it, Jordan, Christian, and I will repeat the event Monday night from 5-7 p.m. Good time to come by for a glass of wine.
We came home, hurriedly bundled up in warmer clothes since the temperature was dropping, and left for the stock show. I made it through two barns and decided it was time to come home. Sweet Colin, who is my rock in so many ways, walked me back to my car--a very long walk--and I was home by noon. Lunch, email, Facebook, and a long nap--my kind of afternoon while the rest of the family ate at the stock show and did the midway. By five I wondered what happened to them, but they arrived shortly thereafter
Dinner at Joe T.'s--another family tradition--where it's so noisy I can't hear anybody. We came home to Black Forest Cake (yum!) to celebrate Lisa who was named Teacher of the Year for her school. A wonderful family evening, with kids running wild and adults talking about this, that and the other--some memories and people from past times.
I am so blessed to be surrounded by so much love and support, and by children who let me be myself with acceptance and love. Lord, I don't know what I did to deserve this, but I am grateful.

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