Friday, February 28, 2014

Catching up with a friend

Old friends of nearly forty years have moved back to Fort Worth after living elsewhere for nearly twenty years. It's great to have them back, and in some ways it seems they've never been gone. She pushes me to get back into a walking program--since I've been doing yoga for years, I'm amazed at how out of breath I get when I walk. We used to walk a couple of miles together early every morning before we both went to work. We had great philosophical discussions and were wonderful at house critiquing--that roof is all wrong, those people should rethink their flower bed, and on we went. We did have our favorite housed, and today she observed, "That gate is new." I thought about it--not very new, but it was to her.
Today we went to an art exhibit, "Art and Appetite," at the Amon Carter Museum. There are often exhibits I want to see, but I really don't like to go alone. Subie is my kind of art person--she lingers but not too long. I was as interested in the text as the art-what food has reflected over the years about our changing culture, but it was too much to absorb in one trip. I may have to break down and buy the catalog so I can study the text with the pictures.
But the biggest fun has been seeing Fort Worth through new eyes. Our city has changed remarkably in twenty years, going through a sort of renaissance. Subie notices it all--new buildings, changing neighborhoods. She starts many sentences with, "What I notice is...." Restaurants that I take for granted are new to her. Today we had lunch at Ellerbee's. The waiter asked if we'd eaten there before, and while I said I had, Subie said, "I'm brand new to Fort Worth." (Not quite true but almost.) The waiter turned to me and said, "Thank you for bringing her here."
Subie has, in part, forgotten her way around the city--and of course streets have changed. Highway construction makes everything different, and today I suggested a back way to get somewhere. She was delighted, said it was so much easier than dealing with stoplights and construction on the main drive. "I remember where things are pretty much," she said, "but I don't remember street names." I'm sure it's an odd sensation, like moving to a brand new place--only not really.
I've also been catching Subie and Phil up on what happened to people we know. At our age, too many have died; others have retired; many have moved out of town. Subie and Phil are fortunate that they have a core of friends still in town.
Seeing my city through new eyes is a wonderful experience. I think I'll be a lot smarter about it.

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