Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Small victories and other trivia

The people of this country saw small victories last night. No, it's not partisan--yes, I'm glad some Democrats won but I also rejoice for Chris Christie (can't quite figure him out). I think the small victories go beyond the partisanship that is so destructive these days. Last night, many Americans said no to the extremists of the right wing who would force their opinions on us. Terry McAuliffe may not be ideal, but he's better than Cuccinelli. And there other signs across the country that some Americans are coming back to their senses.
President Obama is in Dallas tonight. I've seen several derogatory comments on Facebook, such as "All hat, no cattle." Texans have an amazing ability to show a lack of respect for our president, and it bothers me. Whatever you think about his policies, he is the duly elected leader of our nation. With so many programs on the forthcoming anniversary of JFK's assassination, I felt a bit of trepidation as the president landed in Dallas.
On a happier note, Jacob is running around the house playing football with a foam Baylor football. Makes me nervous and scares the dog--I always knew she was a smart dog. We have done our homework, though this afternoon after he did his spelling, I said we'd move on work on his project--he has to research anteaters.
Jacob: Can't we take a break since I have a bad attitude?
What does one say to that? Bad attitude is all the more reason to say no to Minecrafter time out, but how much progress are you going to make with a kid with a bad attitude? I caved. But now we have worked on the project and he's read The Boxcar Children for fifteen minutes. And we are through with Minecrafters for the evening--two  hours digital is his max these days.
I'm babbling. Enough. Happy Wednesday evening everybody!

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