Friday, November 29, 2013

Reflections on the blessing of the season

I'm just back from two days in Frisco with my younger son, Jamie, his wife, Melanie, two granddaughters, Maddie and Eden, and Mel's parents and brother. I've spent holidays with them before and am grateful for the warm hospitality I feel. Jordan arranged a meeting spot on the road where they could hand me from their car to Jamie's (my kids take good care of me) but it was later than we expected. Jamie's family had already eaten, so he and I went to his favorite pizza restaurant--and it is really good. When you have four children, their spouses, and seven grandchildren, time alone with one child is a real blessing and I reveled in his company, hearing about his work, and his lessons on how to use my new 5s iPhone--that was to be a theme of our time together.
Thanksgiving Day was lovely and calm. We watched the Macy's parade and then the National Dog Show, which I loved. Mel had prepped for days because she didn't want to spend all day on her feet, and we had a lovely meal of turkey, ham, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, dressing and coconut pie. After we cleaned up from a late lunch or early dinner, everybody went to the movies--except me. I didn't want to spend my holiday watching either Gravity or Hunger Games II. I read (Wrong Girl, by Hank Phllippi Ryan) and napped, kept company by a wonderful chocolate lab and an itty bitty Morkie who has finally decided she'll let me love on her.
Today was more of the same--hanging out, visiting, checking Facebook, and readings--I'm hooked on the book). Jordan and family arrived about one, adding  one more child and two dogs to the mix. Jacob had a lively game of football catch with his oldest cousin, Maddie. It was after three before we finally left for home and four-thirty before I got home--side trip to Central Market (wish I'd had my list for tomorrow with me!).
Sophie was overjoyed to see us, and frankly I was pretty happy to see her. I hated to leave her for two days, but she survived just fine. She seemed more interested in Jordan than me (not unusual) but we both smelled of other dogs. We quickly settled back into routine and had a fierce game of tug of war tonight--followed by fetch when she finally let go. That dog has obviously wormed her way into my heart--though when I said I'd thought about asking if I could bring her to Frisco, there were horrified cries of "No!" "She's too hyper!" Why does everyone always think my sweet, loving dogs are hyper?
Came home tonight to things that cheered me--a lovely, thoughtful note and gift from my former tenant and longtime friend, Elizabeth. And neighbors Jay and Susan had decked my deck with lights. I am so grateful to be surrounded by people who are so thoughtful.
And after days of being dependent, asking Jamie about this, that and the other on my phone, I was most proud that I figured out my data plan and bill by myself--upped the number of data minutes. And the stuck door that I called Jay and told him would need "brute strength"? I figured out a shot of WD40 and medium strength would do it--and it did. Feeling very self-sufficient.
It's been a good holiday, and I may milk it all weekend and not get down to serious work until Monday. Meantime, I'm most thankful for family and friends, especially those of you I only know through the net. God bless.

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