Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Anteaters, first frost, and why am I so compulsive?

Thanks to Jacob, I now know more about anteaters than I ever thought I would...or really cared to. He gave his oral presentation today and apparently it went well. I remember dry throat, shaking knees, all that anxiety when I had to stand up in front of a class at his age. He's so much more assured and self-confident.
Preparing for the freeze had me all in a tizzy today, but I realize I owe so much to people who take good care of me. The Bundocks, Lewis and Jim, came and wrapped my pipes, some of which are where I can't get to them. Then Greg came and we put plants inside, put hanging baskets in sheltered corners, and I watered them well. Praying for the best. Watered everything but I know the vinca, fountain grass and other things will go. Brought in all the basil and will preserve it some day soon. (Rally meant to do it today). Harvested parsley (wonderful crop this year) and chives. Guess I've done all I can.
I was also being my most compulsive worst this morning. Needed to go to my doctor's office--20 minutes away-to get something, and decided I absolutely had to go there before my 8:30 breakfast group. So of course I woke up at 5:30, couldn't go back to sleep, got up at 6:30 and was at the dr.'s before they opened up. Back home with ten minutes to spare for a Book Ladies breakfast, which was thoroughly enjoyable. Back home with 45 minutes--the time Greg came--before a 10:00 a.m. interview. The neighbor who interviewed me said I seemed like a very patient and calm person, and I wanted to say, "Boy, have you got the wrong girl!" Then rushed off to an 11:15 lunch with a cheesemonger friend--interested to hear all her reports and exciting plans for the future. She has evidence that cheese makes us healthy, not fat, and she's lost 11 lbs. in 11 mos. A good steady rate
The day went back to normal after that--nap, homework with Jacob--he had a hard time focusing--a brief visit from Jordan, and then Jacob and I were off to the Old Neighborhood Grill for supper with the neighbors. He was delighted to see them, and it was apparently mutual. I am grateful for neighbors who welcome him to an adult dinner and include him in the conversation.
Now, Jordan has been to pick up Jacob, and Sophie and I are settling down to our routine. An early night, I think.

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