Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Life picks up the pace

After my three-days of cabin fever, life got a little more exciting this morning. When I opened my email, I found several messages from FB Friends who had received a friend request from me. Some were puzzled, but others weren't...and neither was I. I had an impersonator. Someone had copied all my pictures and information and sent requests to people who were already my friends. Apparently they do this to collect information on others and to send harmful links, hoping  you will open them because you trust me. Somewhere along the way, this impersonator changed his/her name from Judy Alter to July Alter which gave some a clue. I changed my password and tried to report the site to FB--but I never could pull it up, so apparently the impersonator was smart enough to block me.
But what thrilled me was the support from my FB friends--many, many wrote to tell me about it, some with helpful suggestions, others saying they had reported it to FB. Some joked, some took it seriously, but it took me all morning to answers messages and deal with this problem. Not sure I've done that successfully yet, but I do want to thank everyone for their support.
My day of deception wasn't over (Deception is a keyword in the title of a forthcoming Kelly O'Connell Mystery). My daughter, grandson, and I left for lunch about 11:30, only to find a shabby green car with no hubcaps, scraped paint, and lots of signs of abuse, parked in front of my house for no reason. The man driving was on his phone, and there was a woman in the back. Couldn't tell who was in the passenger seat.
In my neighborhood we have recently been warned of an increase in break-ins between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. A special warning was out for a car with no hubcaps and three Hispanic males. Naturally I was a bit concerned and suggested Jordan drive around the block (I often do this when I see suspicious cars). Confusion ensued, not helped by Jacob's continuing comments--apparently, as I didn't realize until later, the whole episode scared him. Finally we parked at a stop sign where we could see the car and called 911--we have been repeatedly urged to do that when something is suspicious. Better safe than sorry. As we finally took off for lunch, Jordan called my neighbor Jay, and he said he'd go check it out. By the time he got there, the car was gone. The police said they would check the neighborhood. Calling was good for two reasons: it shows people we're serious about neighborhood protection, and the more calls police get the more attention they pay to the neighborhood.
Jay joined us for a beer where we were lunching, and we rehashed the whole thing. Jacob spent the lunch hour watching for police cars--finally saw two--and was ecstatic when he saw a helicopter, which he assumed had taken the bad guys. When we got back to the house, the first thing he did was rush inside and reassure me that my computer was still there.
Wow! More excitement than I'd had in three days.
About cabin fever, I've decided the Lord helps those who help themselves. I knew I was a couch (maybe computer) potato those three days. So today I resolved to take charge of my life--a lesson I learn over and over. I did my yoga, did a lot of household chores, especially taking plants back outside and watering, and resolved to watch what I eat and drink. Fell down a bit on the latter--when we went to lunch at a hamburger place, Jordan ordered us each wine, though I had a chicken salad sandwich which was really good. Then she came back after Jacob's play date about 4:30 and wanted more wine. Then at 5:30 I went to supper with Betty--meatloaf, black-eyed peas, and green beans, and another glass of wine. I'll be going to bed early tonight, but it sure beats days of isolation.
Happy Thanksgiving to each and every one.

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