Wednesday, April 17, 2013

A lovely day--with clouds and shadows

I wanted to write a blog about what a lovely day it has been. I really did. I was geared up for a big day yesterday, so today was relaxation. Slept a bit late, went to the grocery in preparation for a bbq gathering on Friday night, early lunch and nap, got Jacob and did homework (well, that's almost always a trial). But when Jacob first came home from school, he and I sat with Elizabeth on the porch and celebrated her birthday. The weather was gorgeous. And Booker, our much missed crossing guard, came back for a visit. Wonderful to watch him get hugs from parents and children alike. Tonight Betty and I went to Pappadeaux and shared cedar planked salmon and asparagus. Who could ask for a nicer day.
But there were a lot of clouds--the grayest of which came mid-afternoon when I learned the Senate had rejected the bill for both background checks and outlawing assault weapons. I cannot fathom it, cannot even begin to think where their heads were--well, I have an idea but it wouldn't be ladylike to say it. In short, I'm appalled. I'm told to write my Senators--and just what good would that do in Texas? Senator Cornyn blows with the wind and does whatever is necessary to advance his career. He's up for re-election this fall, and I call on all Texans to work actively to defeat him. I pray for a really strong Democrat to oppose him or even a strong moderate Republican (is there such in Texas?) to defeat him in the primary. I have been disgusted with him for years, and this is the final outrage. My letters get pat, meaningless answers. As for Ted Cruz, he's out of control and not up for election for five long years. Texans did this.
The pall of the Boston Marathon hangs over the country like a funeral shroud. I am haunted by the image of the young boy who was killed, and by the thought of all those who lost limbs. I understand a two-year-old boy is still in critical condition. What kind of people load a bomb with nails and brads and put it in the midst of what should be a celebration.
And now ricin, which is really scary stuff, rears its head in two letters--not hard to see our president as a target and praise be for the facilities that screen mail to officials. But if Obama is a target, why the Republican senator. I sometimes think the world itself is out of control, too much in the hands of crazies...which brings us full circle to background checks. For what reason do sane people object to that measure. I would think even gun advocates would see the reason for such a law.
Basically I'm an optimist, one who thinks good will win out. But it's a hard attitude to maintain, a hard faith to cling to. I guess if it's going to happen, we have to make it happen, and we have to begin with baby steps. How about a grass-roots movement to oust John Cornyn?
Yours in discouragement...but wanting my optimism back.

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