Monday, April 30, 2012

One of those days

  1. Life is all about a new toy--and joy!
It's one of those days--that's all I can think of to write about. Nice morning at my desk, catching up with things; even nicer lunch with my former boss, dean of the libraries June Koelker--no agenda, just plain catching up and being friends. I really appreciated and enjoyed that.
Dinner with close old friends Carol and Kathie--Kathie just lost her father last week and is busy planning ceremony, taking care of details, all that. We talked and talked, but we also managed a few laughs. I am blessed to have such longtime good friends--we're there for each other when needed, and I think relaxing with friends was a good break for Kathie. Hope so.
But I end the day with no profound thoughts, nothing special to share. Feel like I should have some great wisdom, but I don't. Got to finish the mystery I'm reading, because I have promised myself I won't start another but will turn my attention to my own mystery that I need to revise.
So goes the world. Some days are just so-so.
And that 1. at the top? It appeared, and I don't know how to get rid of it. Forgive me. Too lazy to risk losing everything just to deal with that silly number.

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Jackie said...

I just got home from a girls trip to Maine, and had a wonderful morning reading your blogs. Maine was great, being a foodie myself, I pigged out on lobster and crab.
We saw some beautiful lighthouses, spent a night in Salem and saw "The house of seven gables", thought about you alot there.
I read your first Kelly O'Connell book and loved it! "No Neighborhood for Old Ladies" is waiting for me in my Kindle, looking forward to it. I don't kindle much when traveling, don't want to stop reading below 10,000 ft. Looking forward to being home and reading your blogs daily while having my coffee.