Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Major breakthroughs in the animal kingdom--and a near a/c disaster

Sophie at 12 weeks
Tonight my 12-year-old Aussie, Scooby, played with the puppy. What an amazing accomplishment, since for over four weeks he's regarded her as, at the least, a severe annoyance. I had Sophie in the backyard, hoping she'd potty, and Jacob came out, leaving Scooby looking out the back door with a wistful look. I asked Jacob to let him out, and Jacob at first objected, but finally did. Sophie ran Scooby in circles around the yard--he can't catch her--and then came to sniff of him, and there was lots of mutual sniffing. I softly reminded Scoob to be gentle--once a male collie we had grabbed a Yorkie by the back of the neck, threw it up in the air and broke its back. So when I once saw Scoob's mouth go for the back of Sophie's neck, I said, "Be sweet," and he was. Mostly he was very gentle with her--he is the kindest, sweetest dog I've ever owned. Half the time when she was running in circles around the yard, he came to Jacob and me for love and got lots of it. I half  think he figured out that by being mad at the puppy he was missing out on a lot of love--and tonight he got it. We brought them into the family room together, fed them treats, and the same pattern continued. Jacob and I high-fived and celebrated our accomplishment.
Another breakthrough, I think: this is the first day we haven't had a potty accident in the house. Of course, it's only 9:30, but I'm optimistic. Right now there's a pooped puppy at my feet, and Jacob is contentedly watching his extra bit of TV. Scooby is in his bed, and the cat is fed and happy. All is peaceable in the animal kingdom.
As my Facebook friends know, my a/c went out during the night and by 3 a.m. it was 81 in the house. I posted it on FB just because I had to tell someone! I have been overwhelmed by the number of  kind and generous responses--concern, offers of places to hide out (with my animals, which was my main concern--aging animals and a young puppy don't need an overheated house). Elizabeth, who has three indoor dogs and a cat, said we'd be Noah's Ark but we'd manage. I had offers from people I haven't seen in years, and expressions of concern from Sisters in Crime I've never met. It was like birthday greetings ten times over, and I cannot tell you how grateful I am.
I called the a/c company and left a message at 7 a.m. Before 8:30 I got a call that  the tech was headed my way, and by 9 a.m. it was fixed. I had gone out at 7 to check, and the compressor was not doing its thing nor did it have a reset button. It was some minor part that had to be replaced, but while he was here the tech changed the furnace filter--only has to be done once a year now--and cleaned the compressor. I have done business with Rhinefort and Company since 2000, and I am so extremely thankful for their prompt and efficient service. I love being an established customer.
What a good day! I feel so much more in control than I did last night. Potluck with Judy got put off a night because I wanted to shout out my dog news, but watch for it tomorrow night: meatloaf. Who loves it, who hates it?

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