Thursday, August 25, 2011

Life without a computer

My brother said, "You're half a person," when I told him I've been without a computer all week, and he's right. You hear of people who give up TV or give up the internet or something. I hereby swear that will not be me.
Sunday afternoon, my puppy chewed through the wire between the converter and my laptop. I couldn't figure out why she was barking under my desk but soon discovered a wire that was sparking and had no doubt given her a mild shock. Ran to Radio Shack, then Circuit City (moved) and Best Buy (moved) and back to another Radio Shack where they told me Sony parts are proprietary but there was a Sony store nearby. Wrong--no Sony Store. All this is the heavy traffic around the mall because of tax-free shopping with the temperature reading 110 outside.
Monday I located the Sony network store where, after a great deal of trouble they located someone who could get the converter and cord to them in two days. Not cheap. And wrong again. It's scheduled to deliver Friday. I'm holding my breath.
From there I went to the grocery store only to discover I had no wallet. Ran home, cancelled my credit cards, and someone called from Radio Shack to say they'd found my wallet in the parking lot. Went to get it about 3:30--temperature 106--and my car began blowing hot air at me. Went back to the grocery for the things I hadn't gotten in the morning and by the time I got home the "check engine" light was on along with the overheated flashing red light. Car towed. Several hundred dollars later I am to get it this morning.
So that's been my week from hell--no car, no computer. I've been reading emails on my iPhone, which means I didn't answer a lot of them and when I did I'm sure I sounded abrupt--I'm not good on that keypad, even with a stylus. If I've written you and sounded annoyed, it's because I was--just not at you. Judy's Stew has gone undone, and there was no Potluck with Judy this week, although I have several guest columns ready to go.
And friends have been good about carting me around. It's not been all that bad--I'm reading a good book. But my "to do" list is overwhelming. This morning I'm working at TCU Press and grateful for the opportunity. Surely my luck will change--and the heat wave will break.

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