Friday, August 12, 2011

Do you remember your dreams?

Jacob at Legoland, a dream come true for any little boy
I dream vividly, in color, with sound effects. When I was working and more stressed than I recognized or care to remember, I had bizarre dreams. Now, in retirement, I often create a really plessant world in my dreams and reluctantly call myself back to reality when I wake--the reality of starting the morning routine with the cat, the puppy, and the old dog.
Frequently I can connect things that happen in dreams to something from the real world. Last night, my ex-sister-in-law was in my dreams. No-brainer. I ran into her at lunch, and we promised to visit soon. There was a dog that kept jumping to get my face and hands--another no-brainer. That's my puppy. And there was a wild pig--my brother told me a day or two ago he's had an invasion of wild pigs on his ranch. Admittedly, this was the biggest wild pig you've ever seen and it had it's babies on its back, sort of like a pack mule with a load--I think that's because I've read about a couple of bear attacks on people when mama bear was protecting her cubs. My parents and brother were in the dream--but so was my grown nephew (his mother and I talked about him yesterday during our brief meeting). I often dream about the nuclear family of my childhood--Mom, Dad, and brother. Sometimes my children are in my dreams, young or grown--I can't predict it. My ex-husband appears too--sometimes in his charming mode that I fell in love with and sometimes ugly and vindictive. Strangely the two other men in my life that I've really loved never appear--I'd sort of like to call them up or back or whatever.
I do have a recurring dream about cleaning up a kitchen--mine or somebody else's. One night it was my mother's kitchen in Chicago, years ago. But as soon as I clean one counter, another one is dirty, and the task is endless.
One night I wrote a perfect mystery in my dream. It somehow was created on the theory of things happening in threes, and I remember that  when I awoke I thought what a good story I'd written. But it faded soon after, and I never could figure out what happened. Strangely, I never dream about whatever I'm working on, though that's often the last thought on my mind before I go to sleep.
I looked up some facets of my dreams on one of those online sites, not that I put faith in such blanket interpretations. But dreaming about dogs is good. Pigs, not so good--some deep, hidden aspect of yourself that you're trying to conceal. But cleaning may mean that you're cleaning out old habits and ways of thinking and moving on to a new phase of your life. Now that interpretation I'll take.

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