Thursday, April 28, 2011

Weddings and tornadoes

It seems the trendy thing to say these days is, "I'm so sick of the royal wedding." Well, I'm not. I'm not setting an alarm but I often wake up about 4:00 and go back to sleep--I may just stay up tomorrow and take a nap about 8:30. I've left the whole day free to enjoy the wedding celebration. I guess it's my Scottish blood but I enjoy the pageantry.
I worry though about Wills and Kate--they are such a cool, golden couple. I do hope they can keep that throughout their lives and not get tangled in the scandals that have plagued the House of Windsor. I'm sure the Queen hopes that too. I was greatly cheered to learn that the newlyweds will have no domestic staff--they both like to cook and are apparently not challenged by making beds and doing laundry. Good on them!
Tonight on TV I saw a segment on the security for the big event--and that made me a bit nervous. I pray that no misguided terrorist disrupts what should be a wonderful day for England and for all the world. Especially in America, we've lost such a sense of tradition--I love that it continues in the English monarchy. And, nope, I don't resent a monarchy at all, especially the English one which is largely figurative while the country is almost democratically governed. So, please, no terrorists.
I won't be buying souvenir plates or cups or such, but I'll treasure the memory of seeing this wedding. I remember as a fairly young child getting up in the middle of the night to listen on the radio, with my parents, to either Queen Elizabeth's coronation or her marriage to Philip--I'm never sure which, as the memory is vague. My oldest daughter and I sat up far into the early morning watching the funeral of Princess Diana--and, if I remember correctly, crying. I hope this one will be a happy memory.
And while I'm praying for the happiness of William and Kate, I will also pray for all those people in the South, principally Alabama and Mississippi, who lost loved ones, homes, everything. Nature has unleashed fierce power this spring, and we are all in awe--tornadoes, wildfires. None of us can feel safe. A friend of mine said today it just emphasizes that we have no place to go. I told her I have lived in two houses in Fort Worth with basements, but I don't have one now. I guess we put it out of our minds, thinking it won't happen here. Tuscaloosa shows us it could.
So pray for the people of the South, for William and Kate, and for all of us in tornado alley and wildfire country.

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