Sunday, April 10, 2011

Unabashedly a family weekend memoir

This weekend my oldest granddaughter, Maddie (soon to be 12) had two lead singing roles in the "Wicked"--she was the wicked witch--parts of a musical review at her middle school--and one walk-on part of the Wicked Witch of the West in the Wizard of Oz section. She did beautifully of course, her voice strong and clear and sure--she has a wonderful sense of pitch and rhythm (she did not get those from her grandmother!). The fact that she was always the witch did not cast her in becoming costumes, but she overcame that with her poise and innate self confidence. And her sister Edie and cousin Jacob were overcome with happiness (as were the adult members of the family).
Jordan, Jacob and I had a wonderful visit with the Frisco Alters--they are always so good about taking us interesting places to eat. We had lunch Saturday at P. F. Chang's (Maddie's request, honored since she was the star). All loved it except Jacob who wasn't sure. The picture is the kids at the foot of the huge casting of a horse in front of the restaurant.
Saturday night after the play Maddie went off to a cast party--listening to her tell tween stories of boys and girls at breakfast this morning was priceless. But the rest of us came home, sat around the kitchen drinking wine, eating pizza (I ate salad righteously), telling old stories and repeating new gossip. We were joined for the play and after-play kitchen party by Rob and Lara--longtime friends. Jordan and Rob were in high school together, and he now works for Jamie--smll world. Lots of hilarity until I finally decided I had to go to bed.
Today we had brunch at the Original Pancake House in Frisco--a lengthy affair to wait for a table for seven, then wait for Dutch babies, but it was good. The wait was made much more tolerable by a balloon artist, and Jacob and Edie got balloon figures. Jacob asked for Elmo and was delighted with the result. But when Edie said she didn't know what she wanted, her mom asked the man if he could make a violin. I thought he was going to say, no, that was beyond his list, but he smiled and said he sure could. The resulting picture shows Edie (also known as Beastie) playing her balloon violin. She has recently started taking violin lessons and has a half-size violin. She looked impressed when I told her I started--back in ancient times--on a quarter-size instrument. But I had neither the ear nor the patience for violin, did better at piano, though I can do neither with any grace now. Edie has the discipline to stick with it.
We came home after brunch, savoring memories of a wonderful weekend. Jacob came home with me while Jordan went out with friends. I caught up with my computer, read the newspaper, unpacked, got in a nap, and fixed dinner. Whew! Jacob sweetly watched TV while I napped but then went to play with Abby next door while I cooked meatloaf (he hated it) and roasted potatoes--he thought those were okay if you put ketchup on them. Jordan, Christian, Jacob and I ate on the porch--lovely evening.
A sweet family weekend to treasure. Tomorrow back to work--a meeting, a class, and a presentation to prepare for. Retirement? Phooey!

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